Over the past several years, ECSS has lent its expertise to various educational and training scenarios throughout the law enforcement community. We have developed dynamic and effective training modules for specialized police officers as well as state attorneys. Sergeant Landon Wade is an annual consultant at “The Prosecutor Survival School,” sponsored by The Continuing Legal Education Section of the Illinois State Appellate Prosecutor’s Office.


Sgt. Wade has supervised real time law enforcement field training exercises administered by the federal government. In each of these deployments, the sergeant was tasked with developing effective strategies that were applied towards the covert movements of officers through an intricate and specific environment. Among Sgt. Wade’s notable talents is his ability to consistently recognize and eliminate risks while orchestrating officer movement to meet the tasks at hand.

As a consultant, Sgt. Wade has been able to effectively deliver a fresh perspective to his audience as a subject matter expert who still works in the field that has inspired his endeavors. By offering his personal insight and experience, he is able to successfully articulate relevant and current concepts that have inspired desired results.

Our Commitment

ECSS’ commitment to public and private safety is apparent in its philosophy; it takes deliberate, skillful balance to serve an industry as complex and competitive as private protection. The team has been able to achieve this balance through higher education, training and career experiences. Each client requires protection components that are unique and specific. ECSS meets this challenge by creating an assessment package based on the examination of geography, facility specifications, movement, special challenges/concerns and overall uniqueness.


Sgt. Wade has received certifications in the areas of management and training. These management certifications were earned at Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command, and from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board’s “Executive Institute.” In his constant pursuit to achieve academic excellence, Sgt. Wade has acquired an Instructor’s Academy Certificate from Saint Xavier University’s Graham School of Management.

ECSS will continue to lend itself to the development of applicable strategies that serve as effective resources in the protection of companies, institutions and individuals.